creating foundations for health

From weekend warriors to seasoned athletes, from chronic pain to a sprain, from would be moms to menopause – make Acupuncture and Health Coaching part of your life.  It is never too soon and it is never too late to begin laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow.  Begin today.

Chocolate Date Bars – no cook

My lovely hubby and I used to be pretty avid campers/hikers/paddlers.  We have both worked for and volunteered for many outdoor clubs and organizations all through college.  But something happened.  Oh yeah, we got jobs,... Keep Reading

So What are Whole Foods?

“Whole Foods” have been major buzz words in the past few years.  But what exactly does that mean? Remember last week we talked about food labels?  Well, whole foods are the foods without ingredient labels!... Keep Reading

New Duds! More pops!!

Every so often I decide that my ratty old t-shirts and cut off sweat pants are no longer appropriate for the gym or public at all and I decide to get something new and inspiring... Keep Reading