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  • So What are Whole Foods? IMG_1540

    “Whole Foods” have been major buzz words in the past few years.  But what exactly does that mean? Remember last week we talked about food labels?  Well, whole foods are the foods without ingredient labels!  How easy is that!  They […]

  • Reading Labels

    ufffff da!  What is in there?   If it has a label think twice!  It is almost that simple.  Processed foods are not whole foods.  The longer the list of ingredients, the further you should stay away. These are some […]

  • Simplify Your Year!! The Schedule!

    Simplify your Year!!     Alrighty!!    I have a full year schedule for simplicity!  I am not going to hold myself strictly to this schedule, because who knows when inspiration may strike or if a topic needs more attention […]



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