creating foundations for health

From weekend warriors to seasoned athletes, from chronic pain to a sprain, from would be moms to menopause – make Acupuncture and Health Coaching part of your life.  It is never too soon and it is never too late to begin laying the groundwork for a better tomorrow.  Begin today.

Guest Blogger! Molly! Black Bean Simmer,

Hi everyone.  I am happy to introduce my first guest blogger, Molly Bonner! Occasionally I will be handing the reins over to other inspiring folks.  You never know who might show up!  Enjoy Molly’s post... Keep Reading

Spreading the Love – Links

I have been cooking a ton but not taking many photos or writing the recipes I am making up.  If only there was some way to record what I toss in willy nilly each night!... Keep Reading

Leftovers! Egg Bake again!!!

I realize that I have posted about egg bakes before but I wanted to give you another variation.  Really truly if you eat eggs and you have leftovers you can mix the two together and... Keep Reading