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  • 1 Healthy Thing to Start Today! IMG_3754[1]

    I love my blueberries!!! I really enjoy feeling healthy!  Yeah I know, most people would say that.  But I reeeeeeally enjoy being and feeling healthy,  I am so thankful to have the skills and knowledge to lead a healthy life […]

  • Priorities and Frozen Vegetables! green beans peanuts sesame seeds deconstructed rice bowl

    Whew!  Is it really almost April? Sometimes I am so organized and on the ball I can surprise myself.  Aaaaaaaand….sometimes I am sooooooo NOT on the ball I am lucky I can find my glasses sitting on my face! Let’s […]

  • Super Bowl Snack Attack! Beautiful!

    I will be the first to admit that I am not a football fan.  But I know lots of you are, including my hubby.  Usually he goes to the YMCA and runs on the treadmill while football is on (yes […]

May Day Spring 12 Day Cleanse!!!

 Sign up for a The 12 Day Group Cleanse!  Being Healthy is always more fun with friends!!  Begins May 1st more info HERE