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  • All fruit no sugar – Rhubarb Blueberry Sauce IMG_3801[1]

    Finally I have created a rhubarb sauce that doesn’t require a pound of white sugar!!!  No Sugar Rhubarb Sauce!!!!!  This is Revolutionary I tell you!!! This time of year rhubarb is bountiful!!  In fact it is sooo popular here that […]

  • Sore Joint Turmeric Tonic! IMG_3769[1]

    Running again??? Maybe, with a little help from my new magical turmeric tonic! Ever since college I have really enjoyed running.  I love to run far and slow and explore my town from trail to lake to park.  Duluth is […]

  • High Impact Blueberry Pudding! – 2 nutrition powerhouses in one delicious treat! IMG_3756[1]

    Blueberries, yes!!!  Pudding, yes yes!! Easy, yyyyyyyessssss! In my last post I shared with you a version of a favorite recipe from my very first and favorite cookbook, Enchanted Broccoli Forest.  Today I want to share a version of a […]

Next Group Challenge Starts Sunday November 1st!!

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12 and 30 Day Clean Eating Challenges

Holiday Kick-off!!! Begins November 1st!!

The day after Halloween!  Yup, you better hide that candy bag!  Time to get your body and and mind in check before the Holiday madness gets a hold of you.  Learn how to have a fantastic holiday season without the excess - food - stuff and stress!

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